The Pebble Tiles (original)


With these tiles I set myself the challenge of re-creating the moment a pebble is lifted from the water. After each pebble has been painted, a special glaze is used, giving the effect of droplets on the surface of the stone. The tiles retain their slip resistance, as the surrounding area is left unglazed.


30 x 30 cms porcelain
suitable for walls and floors and as centrepieces
pebbles: dark or light grey


Click on images below for a larger view :

  10 x 10 cm ceramic tiles
fully glazed, white hand made tiles (less regular)


The Matt Pebble Tiles


New collection of black pebbles, individually designed and applied. These have a velvety matt appearance, and are unglazed.

  10 x 10 cm porcelain
suitable for walls

30 x 30 cm porcelain
suitable for walls

  10 x 10 cm porcelain
coloured tiles


Please note that in practice, since every tile is executed by hand, as in nature each pebble has different markings and varies in shape and size.